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We provide valuable nutrition and physical activity programs for families, child care providers, healthcare professionals, schools and communities. Here’s what people are saying about our programs:

Connie Adams, Early Childhood Educator

“I found this workshop extremely informative and relevant! I went into it thinking easy credit for licensing, not expecting to learn anything new. I was wrong! Now I feel strongly that this should be taken by all who work with infants through school agers. And would not mind it being a required training in the first year for licensing. As a former administrator of school age care and a current teacher of 3 to 5 years olds I feel it is truly that important!!!! And it was FUN!!!”

Samantha Ramsay, PhD, RDN, LD, Registered Dietitian, University of Idaho

“Blue Cross of Idaho is working to help combat the obesity epidemic in Idaho. Funding from the Blue Cross Foundation for Health supported an adolescent obesity intervention in Northern Idaho. A 12 week program titled “Wellness Incentive to Health (WITH)” integrated nutrition education, consultation with a registered dietitian, physical activity sessions, and mentorship with community volunteers. Twenty teens with a BMI greater than 85th percentile participated in the program. Statistically significant improvements were seen for weight, stability, sit-ups, and push-ups. Self-reported health surveys indicated improved knowledge about healthy food choices and increased frequency of eating healthy foods. Nutrition education and support from mentors were most frequently reported as a favorite component of the program. The pilot study demonstrated the feasibility and success of an adolescent obesity intervention.”

Anne Olsen, Early Childhood Educator

“Let's Move Child Care Workshops are an amazing experience. It will change your life in so many eye-opening ways. You will learn how to make a healthier future for our children. If you are ready for a life changing class this one is for you!!!”

Jean Mutchie, St Luke's Yeah! Program Manager

“Childhood obesity is the most significant health crisis we face in our state. To reverse this growing trend takes a concerted effort by committed policy makers, health care providers, educators, and our communities at large to collaboratively engage our youth in sustainable healthy lifestyle activities. Being concerned is no longer enough; it is imperative for the health and well-being of our future generations that we act now to effectively bend the trend.”

Katie Lamansky, Health Program Specialist, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

“Where we live - our communities & neighborhoods, schools & workplaces - has a profound effect on how healthy we are. The access to and availability of safe places to be active and of healthy and affordable foods is a huge factor in determining our health. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a community where healthy choices are easy and we are seeing the effects through increased rates of chronic diseases. There is synergy happening among city leaders and officials, experts and professionals, citizens and advocates to create healthy communities through policies and changes to the environment; to ensure that no matter where someone lives, they can make a healthy choice for themselves and their families.”

Erin Guerricabeitia, Executive Director, Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS)

“In Idaho, too many children do not have access to fresh healthy foods. Eating habits are established early. By providing families with fresh produce, and teaching them to grow food in their own backyard, we are instilling habits and skills that will last well into adulthood, and can be passed on to future generations.”

Amy Stahl, Marketing and Community Relations Director, Boise Parks & Recreation

“Every step of the way, the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health has supported Let’s Move Boise’s efforts to combat childhood obesity. We have worked in partnership with the Foundation to build community gardens at schools, offer free workshops for child-care providers, and host low-cost family-friendly activities at IceWorld, Zoo Boise and local schools. Foundation support was integral to the successful launch of Walk 150, a challenge by Mayor David H. Bieter to encourage children and adults to walk 150 miles in honor of the city’s sesquicentennial in 2013.”

A Message from Mayor Dave Bieter, Boise

1 in 3 Kids In Idaho Overweight