Who can apply for a Community Transformation Grant?

This grant is open to Idaho municipalities in partnership with the local school district and community organizations. The municipality must be the lead applicant.

Who is eligible to apply for a Community Transformation Grant?

This proposal is open to community partnerships based in Idaho. Community partnerships are defined as collaboration between a municipality, local school districts, and at least two other sectors as mentioned in the proposal outline. Please note that community partnerships DO NOT have to be an existing collaboration. They CAN BE formed for the purpose of this grant.

Will you fund partnerships outside of Idaho?

No, we will not fund community partnerships outside of Idaho.

Can prior community transformation grant recipients apply?

No, past grant recipients are not eligible to apply.

Are there community types you’re interested or not interested in funding, such as urban or rural areas?

We are seeking community partnerships that will support community partnerships that focus on improving health conditions for youth in Idaho cities. There is no preference to city size and geographic area.

What is the dollar range of grant awards?

We expect to award three grants up to $250,000 for community partnerships. Funding amounts will be based upon the action plan submitted during phase 2 of the grant.

What are you looking for in a community partnership?

We’re interested in partnerships that will engage and mobilize the community to create healthier environments for youth. Specifically, partnerships should focus on:

  • Cross-sector collaboration to design strategies that focus on the reduction and/or prevention of childhood obesity.
  • Improvement of healthy eating, physical activity, and the built environment for youth.
  • Support of a data-driven strategy development process
  • Finding ways to sustain the work of the community transformation grant after the three-year period.

How will you evaluate our application?

We look for applications that align closely with the proposal’s stated priorities and include clear responses to the components of the each stage of the application.

What type of impact are you looking for community partnerships to make?

We’re looking for partnerships with the potential to make lasting changes in the communities we fund, and we want to understand the impact our funding has in these communities. The grant includes indicators that will be used to measure progress. You can use additional indicators, but these should not replace those included in the grant. We’ll provide tools and technical assistance that you’ll be required to use. This will assist us in tracking common measures and aggregation of data across all selected partnerships.

Will we be asked to report on our progress if we’re awarded a grant?

Yes. If you are awarded a grant, you’ll be required to submit interim and final progress reports. These reports will describe your partnership’s progress toward your stated goals and outcomes. You’ll also be asked to provide interim and final financial reports. Please note that these reports are a requirement of our grant contract.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact us at