The High Five Children's Health Collaborative, powered by the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation, challenged Idaho legislators to walk as much as they could during the month of February 2017. Winners of the Steps for Schools challenge earned cash to fund physical activity equipment or walking programs at schools in their legislative district.

There were two ways to win:

1. ALL legislators who averaged 10,000 per earned $350 for their schools.
2. Legislators with the highest step counts earned their schools $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.

Legislators tracked their steps using a FitBit given to them for the challenge.

The High Five Children's Health Collaborative created Steps for Schools to accomplish four goals:

1. To educate our lawmakers about the current state of childhood health
2. To position legislators as role models for Idaho students
3. To spark community conversations about health within legislators’ districts
4. To ultimately promote childhood wellness statewide

The competition targeted legislators because of their leadership capabilities in their communities. These leaders act as ambassadors for childhood health throughout the state. When legislators are informed, they will help drive conversation and make positive changes in Idaho.

And the 2017 winner is….THE KIDS!

Wow — we have had some dedicated walkers during this Steps for Schools Challenge!

  • Legislators walked over 12 MILLION steps during the Steps for Schools Challenge. That’s more than enough to get everyone from Boise to DC and back to Boise again!
  • The top 5 participants had over 3.5 MILLION steps — that’s more than 1,600 miles!
  • The Steps for Schools Walking Challenge had HUNDREDS of shares, posts and likes and reached more than 43,000 Idahoans on social media!

In addition to some friendly competition among legislators, this challenge raised the awareness of healthy activities for our youth. We’d like to thank our legislators for their part in helping create a fun way for kids to see that there’s more to life than television and smartphones! Those kids are the real winner of this challenge.

And the winning legislators are…..

First Place:
Representative Priscilla Giddings. Representative Giddings averaged 30,254 steps each day and had a total of 847,106 steps for the month! She will be donating her $3,000 to Timberline Elementary in Weippe.

Second Place:
Representative Mat Erpelding. Representative Erpelding averaged 30,046 steps each day and had a total of 821,292 steps for the month! He will be donating his $2,000 to Pierce Park Elementary in Boise.

Third Place:
Representative Bryan Zollinger. Representative Zollinger averaged 29,319 steps each day and had a total of 800,921 steps for the month! He will be donating his $1,000 to the Idaho Falls School District in Idaho Falls.

“Stepper” Up Awards: 
Everyone who averaged more than 10,000 steps per day will also receive a check for their school for $350. Congratulations to the following legislators:

Representative Karey Hanks, Representative Dorothy Moon, Representative Steve Harris, Representative Clark Kauffman, Representative Thyra Stevenson, Representative Janet Trujilo, Senator Janie Ward-Engelking, Representative Sage Dixon, Representative Dustin Manwaring, Representative Terry Gestrin, Representative Marc Gibbs, Representative Lance Clow, Senator Maryanne Jordan, Representative John McCrostie, Senator Steve Vick, Representative Paul Amador, Senator Dean Mortimer, Representative Ilana Rubel, Senator Steven Thayn

After walking over 12 MILLION steps in February, Idaho lawmakers were awarded over $10,000 in funding from the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation to be used for area schools!

We're excited to have had so many legislators participate this year! 

Here is the final leaderboard as of February 28, 2017 at 11:59 PM
District # Steps Walked Avg Steps Walked
Representative Priscilla Giddings 7 847,106 30,253
Representative Mat Erpelding 19 841,292 30,046
Representative Bryan Zollinger 33B 820,921 29,318
Representative Karey Hanks 35 574,375 20,513
Representative Dorothy Moon 8 518,280 18,510
Representative Steve Harris 21A 473,023 16,893
Representative Clark Kauffman 25 380,015 13,571
Representative Thyra Stevenson 6 361,852 12,923
Representative Janet Trujilo 33A 345,423 12,336
Senator Janie Ward-Engelking 18 334,589 11,949
Representative Sage Dixon 1B 332,145 11,862
Representative Dustin Manwaring 29 330,479 11,802
Representative Terry Gestrin 8 330,004 11,785
Representative Marc Gibbs 32 320,737 11,454
Representative Lance Clow 24 316,608 11,307
Senator Maryanne Jordan 17 315,621 11,272
Representative John McCrostie 16 314,285 11,224
Senator Steve Vick 2 301,309 10,761
Representative Paul Amador 4 296,821 10,600
Senator Dean Mortimer 30 296,632 10,594
Representative Ilana Rubel 18 284,214 10,150
Senator Steven Thayn 8 282,540 10,090
Representative Caroline Troy 5 266,466 9,516
Representative John Vander Woude 22 256,384 9,156
Representative James Hotlzclaw 20 239,154 8,541
Senator Dan Johnson 6 233,102 8,325
Senator Mark Harris 32 215,555 7,698
Representative Mike Moyle 14 211,672 7,559
Representative Sally Toone 26 187,899 6,710
Representative Thomas Dayley 21 186,252 6,651
Senator Chuck Winder 20 181,747 6,490
Representative Melissa Wintrow 19 178,070 6,359
Representative Kelley Packer 28 166,395 5,942
Senator Bob Nonini 3 157,141 5,612
Representative Sue Chew 17 155,502 5,553
Representative Robert Anderst 12 119,718 4,275
Representative Randy Armstrong 28 114,248 4,080
Representative Phylis King 18 104,005 3,714
Representative Christy Perry 11 85,477 3,052
Representative Paulette Jordan 5 30,396 1,085
Senator Todd Lakey 12 22,714 811
Representative Julie Van Orden 31 19,083 681

Listen to Idaho congressman Mike Simpson discuss the 2017 Steps for Schools Walking Challenge.