Partner Profile – Lisa Ailport

Each month, we Take 5 with one of our partners who are on the journey with us for a healthier Idaho, healthier future. This month: Lisa Ailport, city administrator, City of Bonners Ferry

1. What is your go-to healthy snack or meal?

I love to eat roasted vegetables with my homemade balsamic dressing.

2. What are your favorite forms of exercise?

Mostly I love to spend time chasing my kids around, plus riding or working with my horses, downhill skiing and bicycling with my children.

3. Where is your favorite place to be active in your community?

My favorite places to be active are in my community are riding horses in the mountains, skiing down Schweitzer Mountain, or bicycling to town with my children.

4. Can you tell us something about your organization that people don’t know but should?

Many people who aren’t from Bonners Ferry may not know that we have a city municipal pool that was originally constructed around 1934. Until recently, the pool stem walls were the original walls, poured in 1934 and in desperate need of repair.  The facility was recently updated, with the help of the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health’s High Five Community Transformation Grant. The city now has a modern pool, with modern skimmer and filtration system. The pool opened this summer, and we hope that the communities from Moyie, Sandpoint and even into parts of Montana know that this facility is available. Additionally, the city recently approved the construction of a splash pad at the pool facility that  will allow children of every age and skill level to enjoy the summer months outdoors. 

5. What is on your wish list for promoting children to be active and healthy eaters?

On my wish list for promoting children to be active is a community that fully embraces and supports the active lifestyle. Meaning we have sidewalks that children use, bike lanes that are safe and parks that encourage children to walk to and enjoy. When a whole community is designed around encouraging active lifestyles, then I believe we’ve met our purpose as city planners and managers!