Partner Profile – Shawn Barigar

Each month, we Take 5 with one of our partners who are on the journey with us for a healthier Idaho, healthier future. This month: Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar

1. Can you tell us something about your organization that people don’t know but should?

The City of Twin Falls works with citizens, stakeholders, and public and private partners in the community to develop and implement the Twin Falls Strategic Plan. It’s matured from being an internal document used to guide the City work plan and budget into a more comprehensive community-wide document focused around areas that require strong relationships and partners to achieve goals around a healthy, learning, secure, accessible, environmental, prosperous, and responsible community.

2. What is on your wish list for promoting children to be active and healthy eaters?

Exercise and healthy eating haven’t historically been my strongest attributes. I try to be active and I try to eat well, but often my schedule doesn’t lend itself to doing a better job of this. My wish list includes changing my own habits to better model active and healthy lifestyle activities for not only youth in Twin Falls but for everyone who lives, works, and plays here.

3. What are your favorite forms of exercise?

My wife and I try to have a go-to exercise for each season. In winter, we love to snowshoe. Spring is mountain biking time, either for a leisurely ride along the Snake River Canyon rim trails in Twin Falls or at Auger Falls down in the canyon with miles and miles of singletrack trails. Summer gets us on the river with kayaking. And throughout the summer and into fall, we enjoy short and long hikes in the Idaho mountains.

4. Where is your favorite place to be active in your community?

The Snake River Canyon is the showpiece of Twin Falls. There are developed trails along the canyon rim or more primitive trails down in the canyon. We have two golf courses on the banks of the Snake River. I also like to be in the water in a kayak – or even parachuting from the Perrine Bridge for a BASE Jump. The Snake River Canyon is definitely my favorite place to enjoy activities from the mild to the wild!

5. What is your go-to healthy snack or meal?

I like a handful of almonds, maybe with a few chocolate chips thrown in. Fresh vegetables are also a favorite – preferably picked from my own garden. Beef jerky and fig newtons are a favorite to throw in the backpack when we’re out and about enjoying the Idaho outdoors.